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My wonderful publisher, Possibilities Publishing, is closing up shop. So my first novel, A Hundred Weddings, is only available for a short time on Amazon. I have a few copies left of my own and am happy to send them while they last. If you would like one, please click the "Contact" tab above and send me a message. We'll make the arrangements.
If you have a copy already, if you've read the book, reached out to let me know how you liked it, left a comment, or even just put up with my frequent self-promotion, thank you very much. I'm so grateful for your support.
I hope to have more stories (see "My Work," above) and possibly even a new book out before long, so please keep an eye out for them!
My very best to all of you, and happy reading!
— Cathy

A Hundred Weddings

Katie Jacobs has dreaded weddings since she was a kid, when she was dragged to far too many ill-fated ceremonies by her mother, a wedding planner. Now her sister’s getting married at their childhood home, and after Katie’s job and relationship come to a sudden halt, she heads to Florida for wedding prep, including fixing up the now run-down house.

As if exhausting work, feuding parents, a neurotic dog, and a former love interest aren’t enough to handle, Katie’s asked by her mother to write a wedding blog, covering the “hundred weddings” they’ve planned in the past. Reliving those memorable—and painful—moments turns out to be oddly therapeutic. But it will take much more than this to renew her faith in marriage and love.


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